College of Fellows Award

About the Award

Elevation from ‘member’ to ‘fellow’ recognizes an exceptional CRS member who has made outstanding and sustained contributions to the field of delivery science and technology. In considering nominations for fellow status, the Committee of the College of Fellows will consider the length, breadth, depth and impact of the achievements. Fellow candidates working in academia, industry or governmental agencies, and representative of all demographic groups are selected from every area of delivery science and technology. Fellows should have distinguished themselves as leaders in their field through impactful contributions in fundamental or applied research, technology, products, and/or education within the areas of interest of the CRS. Service and leadership within CRS will be considered, but is not a requirement for election to the College of Fellows.


Individuals accepting nomination to the CRS College of Fellows agree not only to accept the honour of recognition of excellence but also to make active contributions to the society through their involvement in CRS-sponsored activities. Documentation of excellence includes contributions to one or more of the following:

  • Significant advances in the technical and scientific aspects of fields related to delivery science and technology
  • Significant advances in the regulatory areas of delivery science and technology
  • Translation of delivery science and technology into commercial products and/or services which benefit society
  • Election to the College of Fellows is only available to current members of CRS who are at the level of full professor or at an equivalent rank for individuals working in industry or governmental agencies. Fellowship is the most prestigious level of membership of the CRS and hence, a maximum of five (5) new Fellowships will be awarded every year.

Nomination Process

  • A nomination must be submitted by a member of CRS.
  • Each CRS member may nominate only one (1) person for Fellow in each annual call. In addition, there must be a supporting letter written by the nominator and one (1) additional member of the CRS.

Nominations for the 2019 awards are now being sought.

Nomination Form

Nomination Submission Requirements

In addition to returning the completed nomination form. The following items are to be saved into one (1) pdf file and emailed directly to COLLEGE OF FELLOWS AWARD and must be received by 11:59 PM ET January 15, 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted

  • Name and contact details of the second nominating sponsor.
  • A 200-word summary citation outlining the case for the award of fellow.
  • A two-page (2) document highlighting the specific distinguished and sustained contributions of the applicant to the fields of delivery science and technology within the past 10 years. In particular, the nomination should show evidence of the nominee’s leadership, discuss three (3) key publications/patents and/or industrial/regulatory/managerial contributions by the nominee (e.g. marketed products, creation of companies, leadership in the development of regulatory guidelines, methods and technologies) and, if appropriate, describe the nominee’s service to the CRS (e.g. governance, organization of symposia and sessions, committee participation, editorships).
  • A curriculum vitae (maximum 20 pages) that provides documentation of excellence as described in the two-page summary. The CV should include a list of awards (differentiating team versus singular recognition), refereed and non-refereed publications (indicating when the individual was the corresponding author and which publications were not from a refereed source), patents, invited presentations and grants.  Of importance is the documentation of leadership in each of these cited activities or how the achievement was dependent upon the contributions of the candidate.
  • Two (2) letters of support – one from the nominator and one from another CRS member – no longer than one (1) page each. The letter writers should indicate how long and in what capacity they have known the candidate. The letters should address the criteria above, noting the length, breadth, depth and impact of the contribution, and why the contributions would be rated as outstanding.


  • Award Certificate
  • Awardee recognition during the CRS Annual Meeting

Past Recipients 

College of Fellows Awardees