Pre-Meeting Educational Workshops

Industry Supported Educational Workshops are in 1.5-days, one full-day or one half-day formats presented before the official start of the CRS Annual Meeting. These workshops are generally organized as a collaboration between industry and academia. 

Workshop proposals should cover topics that require special attention and that are not sufficiently covered in other Annual Meeting sessions or workshops. The workshop topics should be innovative, educational, based on a clear objective, and focused to achieve tangible out-puts.

Policy & Procedure

All Educational Workshops must be funded through industry support. Workshop sponsors receive a minimum of the following marketing benefits and acknowledgements. 

  • Company logo and web link on Sponsor page of the CRS Annual Meeting website
  • Company name next to the sponsored Workshop listing on the CRS Annual Meeting website
  • Company logo next to the sponsored workshop in the printed CRS Annual Meeting Program Book
  • Company name, logo and description in the Sponsor section of the printed Annual Meeting Program Book
  • Company logo on all CRS Annual Meeting emails  
  • Company name next to the specific workshop in the Annual Meeting’s Mobile App

2019 Workshop Application Timeline Process