Oral Delivery (OrD)

Oral delivery, the most common and well-accepted mode of drug administration, is of significant interest to the drug delivery community. Our field continues to revolutionize the methods used to formulate and manufacture small molecule drugs for oral delivery that maximize their bioavailability. Furthermore, a great deal of enthusiasm lies in extending the utility of oral delivery beyond small molecules to macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. Members of the Controlled Release Society are at the heart of the field of oral delivery, driving innovation in dosage form development, controlled release and targeted systems, oral drug candidates, and our understanding of drug transport across the gastrointestinal epithelium. The Oral Delivery Focus Group is an essential part of the CRS experience for anyone interested in the oral delivery of small or macromolecular drugs. We welcome members of all career stages, including those from industry, regulatory agencies, universities, national laboratories, and funding agencies.

The members of the Focus Group are expected to be paid members of the Controlled Release Society, independent of their membership category.




Katie Whitehead
Katie Whitehead, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor - Carnegie Mellon University
Aaron Anselmo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor - UNC, Chapel Hill