Young Scientist Committee

About Us

CRS Young Scientists are a diverse group of people who are typically students and early career scientists in academia or industry under the age of 40 years, or scientists with less than five years’ experience in the science, technology, and innovation of delivery of bioactives.

  • A passion to overcome challenges and innovate in the delivery of bioactives
  • A thirst to broaden their scientific knowledge
  • A desire to build their career and develop professionally

The Young Scientist Committee (YSC) is a team dedicated to bring stimulating education workshops and new networking concepts to meet the needs of CRS member Young Scientists.

                                                            2018 CRS Young Scientist Committee Meeting in New York, New York, U.S.A.

Networking Opportunities

YSC hosts a number of interesting and new networking concepts because we believe it is critical to meet, interact, and exchange ideas with other CRS members both with other Young Scientists and the broader CRS community. These interactions are a crucial part of career development, and networking contacts for present and future career opportunities. Networking activities held during the Annual Meeting include:

  • Young Scientitst Meet & Greet
  • Young Scientist Networking Event
  • Start with a Luminary

Interviews with Luminaries


Workshops are an important part of the Annual Meeting which provide the opportunity to learn about new science in the field and enhance research collaboration. 

    Getting Involved

    The Young Scientist Committee (YSC) is always happy to welcome new members. All scientific students, early career scientists and professionals are welcome - we would love to hear from you.

    Throughout the year, you can stay connected with the CRS Young Scientists via our social media platforms. It means you can be the first to hear about what is coming up and you can also contribute to ideas and feedback. What are you waiting for? Get involved now!

    Local Chapters

    Local Chapters are an excellent way for Young Scientists to get involved. Affordable Post-Doc and Student membership rates make it easy and accessible to engage.


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